Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crazy manga lover...

Setting: National Bookstore, Festival Mall- while waiting for my girl so that we can go to ATC.
Date: December 25, 2008- 3:20 pm

Crazy Manga Lover..

I was in the graphic novel section that time, reading the latest installment to the JLA comic series when suddenly, a bald guy who's probably in his teens just dropped by beside me to pick up a manga and read. If I'm not mistaken, he picked up the Zoids manga. Perfect. Just perfect. Because he looks like a zoid/sperm hybrid.

Here's what happened next:

Yuri: (too silent and engrossed... thinking kung papunta na siya..)
Bald Guy: Kapowwww!!!!!!!!! This is my power! Be destroyed! (he was too noisy and taken away)
Yuri: (WTF.. Ang ingay nya. SHIT!)
Bald Guy: No, you'll be defeated. You're finished! Wappaw! Boom! Tspoo!
Yuri: (tao ka ba! Nakanang..)
Bald Guy: No Zick. You must stop. But father, noooo!!! KaBOOM!!
Yuri: (I'm gonna kill you next time.)

Because of too much irritation from that guy, I left hastily and ate quickly at Mcdonald's. I also decided to wait for my girl inside McDo.

God.. He was annoying. He's like a crazy inmate from Elsie Gatches or somethin'.. Hai. Even the other people inside Nbs notice that guy. Some girls even laugh at him upon passing the said section.

I don't want to see him again. Thank God I can still control what I feel during that time.